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At Alta Coffee...
« on: June 20, 2015, 10:29:23 AM »
... or was it the Gypsy Den?  Either way, Lon was performing at a John Carrillo hosted open mic.  I didn't know him from his magic books (or from anywhere), and, of the night's performers, he was probably one of the older gentlemen (by far) in the lineup. 
One of the great things about an open mic is that your expectations are minimal.  If someone can sing on key, they're already way ahead of the game. If they can sing AND play their instrument, they've already achieved open mic superstardom.  Sing, play AND write a good song? Probably past the open mic stage of their career - and yet, many can and do. 
I believe Lon opened with, "I Love to Get Drunk In the Car."  He sings this one with such glee and sincerity, it's hard not to get behind combining whiskey with wheels, (even though we know it's a terrible idea.) By the time he was "lighting a cigar" and smoking whilst he drank in the car, I knew I had to learn more about this guy.
Lon was my first interview with OC Music Scene, and, later, when I semi-retired (got fired) I dedicated my free time to getting his Complete Musical Works preserved for the ages. (I mean, the guy was already ancient, and time was of the essence.) 
That was four years ago - since then he's been booked all over the world, recorded three full length CDs and even issued a "Greatest Hits" collection.  Not bad for a "washed up, old pathetic has-been!" 
And he continues to live and give and do "shit you can't imagine."