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« on: July 16, 2015, 07:06:40 AM »
when i first got the "I'm Baba Lon" CD, after letting it sit a day or two, because i was so busy exploring other things after a long period of mental and spiritual stagnation, i finally put it in my computer, and this song started playing. i thought, well that's kinda weird, and strangely appropriate. then i looked on the cd case to see what song it was. hmmm.. only 11 songs listed, and this wasn't one of them. in my slightly(?) manic(?) frame of mind, for about 10 seconds, i thought "this must be some sort of mystical transmission meant only for me!" then i came to my senses, realized i had the shuffle on on my winamp, and that it was just an unlisted bonus track. ::) more synchronicities took place, but i won't go into them, at least for now.
it's one of my favorite favorites...